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Blake Watson has Dazzling Debut with Tigers



Image Credit: Memphis Athletics

Over the offseason, Memphis and Ryan Silverfield picked up many highly talented players in the transfer portal. Blake Watson was amongst those receiving hype, and in yesterday’s win over Bethune-Cookman it was on full display. This strong performance by Watson hints at a promising future for Memphis as they progress through the season.

Game 1 against Bethune-Cookman

In last night’s season and home opener, Watson made a significant impact across the stat sheet. Before halftime, Watson accomplished a ‘hat trick’ by scoring three touchdowns in the first half. These three touchdowns consisted of two close-range punch ins and a 15-yard TD run by Watson.


Throughout the contest, Watson continued to shine, amassing a total of 75 rushing yards on 10 attempts, equating to an impressive average of 7.5 yards per carry. Additionally, he showcased his versatility as a valuable asset in the passing game, contributing 37 receiving yards on 5 receptions.


Looking Ahead

Based on his performance last night, it appears that Watson is poised to have a highly productive season with the Tigers. With both Watson and Sutton Smith in the lineup, Memphis has the potential to field one of the most formidable rushing attacks in the American.


These two running backs have quickly developed a close bond, sharing a living space as roommates. Despite Watson’s seniority, Sutton has been instrumental in helping him acclimate to Memphis’ football program under Coach Silverfield’s guidance. For further insights into Smith’s mentorship since Watson’s arrival on campus, click here.


Watson’s extensive college experience as a running back hope’s to be a game-changer for Memphis this season. Having amassed over 2,000 rushing yards during his four years at Old Dominion, he brings a wealth of expertise and playmaking ability to the team. Last night’s performance against Bethune-Cookman offers just a glimpse of the impact he can have on Memphis’ success throughout the season.