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Memphis Football Selected for 2023 Liberty Bowl



Memphis will stay home for their bowl game against Iowa State. (Image Credit: Memphis Athletics)

Memphis readies for its 10th bowl season, eyeing a landmark 10-win achievement. Chosen for the Liberty Bowl, they’ll face Iowa State, offering fans a local showdown on December 29th at 2:30 PM.

This game holds significance as it’s a rematch of the 2017 Liberty Bowl, where Memphis narrowly lost to the Cyclones.


Status: The Liberty Bowl is one of the better bowl games that Memphis could attend. Securing the spot originally designated for an SEC team adds prestige to the matchup. Given the relatively weak slate of bowl games in the AAC, the Liberty Bowl stands out as a favorable selection for Memphis.

Increased Visibility: Simultaneously, the Liberty Bowl’s elevated status offers increased visibility for the Memphis football program. A prominent bowl appearance helps in attracting attention from recruits and keeping fan interest high.

Fan Support: Undoubtedly, staying local means that Memphis fans can easily attend the game. Iowa State fans are known to travel well, but the crowd should be majority Memphis fans.


Missed Travel Experience: Bowl games often provide teams with the chance to travel to new locations, offering players a unique experience. Staying home means missing out on the adventure and cultural exchange associated with bowl game travels.

About the Cyclones

Overall, Iowa State boasts a commendable 7-5 overall record, with a solid 6-3 performance in Big 12 play. The Cyclones have two impressive wins under their belt with Kansas State and Oklahoma State. Freshman QB Rocco Becht has had an impressive season, throwing for 20 TDs.

As Iowa State prepares for the upcoming challenge, they bring to the table a well-rounded offensive strategy that blends both passing and rushing plays.