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Memphis Needs Jahvon Quinerly Back at a High Level



Over the past three contests, Memphis has faced a challenging stretch, dropping three consecutive games to seemingly weaker opponents. The team is grappling with a range of issues, including defensive struggles and chemistry concerns.

To spark a turnaround for Memphis, Jahvon Quinerly needs to recapture his high-level performance.

In recent games, Quinerly has encountered difficulties, particularly with turnovers, registering 10 in the past two contests, and has not been a significant scoring presence.


The team’s overall performance undergoes a noticeable shift when Quinerly is operating at his best. However, in every loss thus far, he has been outplayed by his counterpart. This inconsistency might be attributed to both natural fluctuations in performance and potentially mental challenges.

These observations align with insights from his former coach, Nate Oats.

“But he is going to play hard, and he’s going to bring everything he’s got every day. I think that makes us a lot better as a team when you don’t have to beg your point guard to bring effort every day.”

Selfish Play

Since the Caleb Mills injury, the team has struggled to play cohesively. Quinerly’s game-winning shots against Tulsa and SMU secured wins, but they also marked a shift in team dynamics and a potential loss of defined roles.

There appears to be a competitive dynamic among players vying for points and touches, even evident between David Jones and Quinerly.

As the point guard and orchestrator of the offense, Quinerly is in a prime position to address on-court chemistry issues. Stepping up by creating opportunities for others and himself could be pivotal in resolving this key team challenge.


In March, the success of teams often hinges on the performance of their guard play. As a fifth-year senior with experience on multiple successful college basketball teams, Quinerly’s leadership is invaluable for the Tigers. If Memphis wants to turn over a new leaf, his level of play and leadership will be a huge factor.

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