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Memphis Takes Second Straight Embarrassing Loss



The Memphis Tigers (15-4)  take another questionable loss to Tulane (12-6) with a narrow 81-79 defeat on the road.  Defensive lapses in crucial moments and questionable officiating were key factors contributing to Memphis’ demise.

Defensive Breakdowns:

The Tigers’ loss to Tulane was a product of critical defensive lapses in the late stages of the game. As the score remained tight, Memphis faltered in containing Tulane’s Sion James allowing crucial buckets that ultimately proved costly. A team that had shown some promise in defensive prowess earlier in the season now lacks the ability to secure crucial stops when it matters most.

Individual Performances:

Despite the loss, standout performances from individual players cannot be overlooked. David Jones was  a scoring force with an impressive 32 points and 11 rebounds, showcasing his offensive capabilities. Additionally, Malcom Dandridge contributed significantly with 13 points, 8 rebounds, and an outstanding 8 blocks, displaying prowess on both ends of the court. However, individual brilliance alone would not secure a victory for the 10th-ranked Tigers.

Moving Forward:

As Memphis tries to regroup from it’s second bad loss of the week, the coaching staff and players must try and learn from these experiences. Identifying defensive lapses, addressing any internal issues, and maintaining a collective focus will be crucial in turning the season around. Setbacks are a part of any teams journey, the true test lies in how a team responds to adversity.

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