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Roc Taylor Commits to Stay with Memphis



Roc Taylor's return is crucial for the success of the Memphis offense in 2024. (Image Credit: Memphis Athletics)

The closure of the 2023 college football regular season signals the beginning of transfer portal activities. Several Tigers, including Tevin Carter, have declared their entry. However, a significant player announced on Tuesday that he would be staying with the team.

Roc Taylor’s decision to return for his senior season is a positive sign for the program. In today’s CFB landscape, retaining key players is crucial for stability and success.

Roc Taylor

Approaching his senior year, Taylor has showcased substantial growth in this season’s production, falling just shy of the 1,000 receiving yards milestone. His role as a crucial target remains pivotal, especially given the established chemistry with expected returning quarterback Seth Henigan.

Building such on-field rapport takes time, and their connection bodes well for the team. Transfers can often face challenges adjusting to a new team, emphasizing the importance of retaining key players from both a performance and cultural perspective.

Taylor’s Numbers

Sophomore Year: 20 Receptions, 225 Yards, 1 Touchdown

Junior Year: 61 Receptions, 981 Yards, 4 Touchdowns


Retaining key players has become increasingly challenging in the current landscape of college football. While the transfer portal provides teams with opportunities to strengthen certain positions, there are also drawbacks.

Every Group of 5 program, including Memphis, is vulnerable to losing players to other schools. Retaining a player like Roc Taylor this early in the process reflects his confidence in the program and his desire to remain a part of it. Ryan Silverfield and his staff still have some aspects of roster construction to address, but this early sign is undoubtedly positive.

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